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About the Calling Germany Home Blog

Welcome to Calling Germany Home, a blog created by Nabeel Kallas, a 26-year-old medical doctor who decided to call Germany his and his medical career’s new home. Join Nabeel as he shares his experiences, from learning to love the German language to discovering the quirks and beauty of the German culture, all while providing valuable insights for anyone looking to call Germany their new home.

Hey there! I’m Nabeel, an introverted medical doctor who decided to leave his comfort zone and embrace a new adventure in Germany.

When I’m not busy with my medical and German studies and entrepreneurial life, I enjoy biking, going to the gym, and exploring quiet caf├ęs where I can relax and work in the mornings.

Just like you, learning German was the first challenge in my way, but over time, like many of the other challenges I have actually come to embrace it and, (yes,) love it.

Moving to Germany has been an eye-opening experience. I’ve discovered many fascinating aspects of German culture, like the importance of recycling and the sacred tradition of Ruhezeit. While some customs have been fun and enlightening, others have been a bit challenging to adapt to. But through it all, I’m excited to learn more about this country every day and share my experiences with you.

When writing articles on this blog, I often feel like I’m writing to my past self, offering advice and tips that would have made my transition smoother.

If this humble project helps even one person each day make a better decision or learn something new about life in Germany, I’ll consider it a big success.

So, welcome to the journey. I invite you to follow along by subscribing to my email newsletter and connecting with me on social media. Together, we’ll explore the beauty, challenges, and rewards of living and working in Germany.

Let’s try to make the most of this adventure.

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